Sunday Morning, November 18, 2012

09:00 AM
  • Continental Breakfast Garden Terrace
    To 10:30 AM
    Details Coming Soon...
  • Community Service Project Russell/Hart/Cannon
    To 01:00 PM

    Washington, DC’s Chinatown has gone through profound changes in recent years. Currently only about 400-500 Chinese immigrants reside in Chinatown and the nearby area. Approximately half of the area residents live in the Wah Luck House, an apartment complex that includes subsidized housing. Many are senior citizens who do not drive or who do not have cars, and have little access to Asian markets or Asian groceries.

    This year’s community service project was formulated with the dual goals of assisting those in need in our local community and providing Convention attendees with the opportunity to learn more about the Asian American community in the DC area, specifically our Chinatown and its residents.

    Volunteers will be putting together holiday care packages, including Asian groceries, for seniors and families in need, and will work with local community based organizations to deliver and distribute these care packages.

    We also will be partnering with the DC Chinatown Documentary Project, which seeks to document the stories of Chinese American residents living and working in Chinatown.

    We will offer a screening of clips from the documentary as we assemble our care packages, and will invite the filmmaker to join us to provide more information about the documentary project. This will provide a good opportunity to have an informal discussion about the challenges facing low-income and limited English proficient Asian immigrants in our city as well as the effort to preserve the cultural and authenticity of Chinatown.

    Prepare care packages; meet documentary filmmaker (9:00 am-11:30 am)

    Deliver care packages; serve lunch; visit with seniors at Asian Senior Center (11:30 am-1:00 pm)

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